Are you in the food business and have unsold ‘end of day’ food items that will be thrown away? If the answer is yes and you are looking for a solution to repurpose the unsold food in a meaningful and profitable way, GOAT has a solution for you.

Creating Partnerships

Partnering with GOAT is good for the soul and your business. When your business offers food with GOAT, you automatically help by re-purposing good food and keeping it out of landfills, contributing to creating more sustainable cities, supporting local charities and even increasing your margin of profit.

How GOAT works with

GOAT makes your food available to buyers looking for meals at a great price INSTANTLY! Buyers select the food, complete the transaction through the APP and pick up the food from your location at a time that suits your business. It’s that simple

When you join GOAT as a food business, you can easily post your unsold ‘end of day’ food on our user-friendly APP. It only takes 45 seconds to create a post.

GOAT offers your business the option to direct the earnings from the transactions in the APP (less transaction fee) to either:

  • Your business account, or
  • A GOAT supported charity:
  • Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids
  • Leftovers Foundation

The charity that you choose to support will issue a tax receipt for your business for the amount donated. Do you have a Charity that is close to your heart? Let’s talk, GOAT we can help you to maintain that special relationship


  • GOAT provides a unique solution for your businesses unsold food
  • GOAT helps you increase your profit margin, either as new revenue or a tax credit
  • GOAT brings exposure to your business with access to new customers and increased traffic
  • GOAT connects people with your brand creating added value brand
  • GOAT supports local charities and aligns your business with an initiative that supports these worthy organizations
  • You will join a global mission in creating sustainable communities that support being great stewards of our environment.
  • GOAT will cross-promote and share your participation on our online channels
  • GOAT will provide monthly food waste reports to support your business operation
  • Become a sustainable GOAT certified business

Let’s Start the Conversation

We want to work with you! If you are interested in joining forces please contact us at:

We will work with your organization to build a solution that works for you.