GOAT’s unique APP enables food posting by connecting food suppliers (Rescuers – Food Businesses and Households), with hungry food recipients (Buyers). Our dynamic and interactive APP connects communities and promotes sustainability by facilitating the concept of ‘Share_Eat_Repeat.’

Food posts can include surplus meals, pre-packaged food, meal kits, event foods (corporate or personal), non-perishables and perishable… and always ‘Best Before Date’ expiry.

GOAT collaborating with Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services [AHS] is the single health authority for the Canadian province of Alberta. GOAT worked collaboratively with AHS to create a business model that is supported by the provinces health guidelines.
For more information on AHS please visit:


Who can be a Food RESCUER?


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Whether you are a food business or a household with a need to reduce your food waste footprint or you simply want to keep food out of the landfills and help your community… GOAT is here to help.

If you are a BUSINESS and love this idea, contact us at to set up an account!




Who can be a Food BUYER?


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As a FOOD BUYER, you will gain access to some amazing deals and delicious food, while doing something extraordinary for the environment. Join GOAT and experience a movement that aims to create sustainable communities.