After 22 years excelling at a high-level professional career, GOAT is a dream job for Ivonne. She is a strategic and outside-the-box thinker with a plan for pretty much anything she sets her mind to. Driven by the vision of creating a sustainable future for the next generations is what keeps Ivonne moving. Her passion and leadership skills are unparalleled, and her commitment to leading GOAT forward is unwavering. When Ivonne is not working, you will find her behind a good book or sweating her butt off in a spin class.



Mauricio has brains! He is a diplomatic professional with a PhD in mathematics/computing, bringing the brain power to get GOAT moving on the technology end. As a professor, Mauricio is a great mentor to new generations of IT professionals. When Mauricio isn’t working or teaching, you will find him chasing a ball at a soccer match or finding his inner-self through yoga..



Jeymi leads with data.  She is a results driven and realistic professional who is always up for new ideas and projects. When Jeymi is not working, you will find her taking a data analytics course or learning a new software tool. Jeymi is an loves dogs and she is the proud mom of “Balto” a sweet schauzer.