After 22 years in a high-level professional career, this is a dream job for Ivonne. She is an outside-the-box and strategic thinker with a plan for everything and a vision of a sustainable future for the next generations. Her passion and leadership skills are unparalleled and she is committed to leading GOAT forward. When Ivonne is not working, you will find her behind a good book or sweating her ass in a spin class.



Marco is the founder who came up with this great idea. With over 20 years as a professional leading large-scale global projects, he also felt the need to do something much bigger for the community. Marco is a savvy, smart entrepreneur who is always looking for great business ideas. An innate strategist, community leader, and mentor, Marco is the man who always goes beyond to help others. When Marco is not at work you will find him doing “business development” on a golf course or awake in the middle of the night thinking about the next big idea!



Mauricio is the smart one of the team. He is a diplomatic professional with a PhD and as such, he is the one bringing the brains and knowledge to GOAT. As a professor, Mauricio is a great mentor to new generations of IT professionals. When Mauricio isn’t working or teaching, you will find him chasing a ball in a soccer match or finding his inner-self in a yoga class.



Aleksandra is an enthusiastic and idealistic professional who is always very excited about new ideas and projects. She brings the creative spark to the team with her great people skills. Her creativity alongside her candid communication strengths are precisely why she landed in the CMO role here at GOAT. Alexandra has always been interested in understanding and helping people and in making a difference in the lives of others. When Alexandra is not working you will find her behind a camera chasing the next best picture or involved in a great conversation…. She is a great story teller.