“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving”
Mother Teresa

By joining the GOAT family as a Food Rescuer, you become an active ally in rescuing food from waste. You can post food for a small fee or for free.  If you choose a price with your post a portion of the earnings from your posting can go to a charity of your choice . When you sign up as a Food Rescuer, there is additional information on this website to help  you understand the types of food you can post, rules around posting the food, as well as safe handling practices. As a thank you, we will keep track of your posts and award you with cool surprises when you hit certain milestones. The more you post, the more you will get back. We look forward to you joining us in the Food Rescue Revolution.

What kind of food can I POST?

Working closely with AHS, GOAT created the GOAT Rescuer Guidelines to assist you with information on the kind of food that can be posted.  In addition, below are some documents from AHS that might help with your food posts:

Education Options:

Various Food Safety Information (Food Facilities): 

For more information you can download the following files:

GOAT Rescuer Guidelines (PDF) Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Wholesale Food:

Before you hit the ‘Best Before Date’ (BBD) expiration, you can post sealed food, pre-packaged food, meal kits and non-perishable food items.

I am travelling food:

Is your fridge packed and you have travel plans? Do not worry, GOAT is here to help. You can post fruits, veggies, meal kits, or any perishable food product before their ‘Best Before Date’ expiry. Let’s post!

Excess event food:

We have all been to weddings, holiday parties, conferences and other big events where there is a lot of excess food that will typically end up in the garbage even though it is still good. You can use GOAT to post unopened meals, sealed appetizer trays, dry desserts and any other items that are packaged. If your event was hosted by a professional event company with a commercial kitchen and staff, you can work with your event professionals to post food at the end of the day. Lets chat!

Special Community Events:

Are you hosting a community food gathering and are looking to get the word out for people to come to your event and eat delicious food? You can use GOAT to post your event and spread the word to feed those in need. More importantly, if you have food left from these events, you can most definitely use GOAT to post the excess food so that none of it ends up in waste. Let’s join forces!