“Unlimited, delicious and affordable meal options near you…
how cool is that”

  • Are you looking for a healthier and tastier alternative?
  • Are you looking for some more affordable food options?
  • Are you a Foodie who loves to try different types of foods and enjoys a homecooked meal?
  • Are you living the college “lifestyle” and you could use some decent, affordable and convenient food options?

Then GOAT is for you!

You can have

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Buyer Guidelines (PDF) Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Sealed, packed food, Meal kits

For your convenience, GOAT has organized meal options by categories. Under “Packed Food” you can find sealed, packed food products or meal kits at affordable prices. Additionally, with your purchase you support charities that fight Food waste and Hunger in your city.

Fruits and veggies

The prices of fresh fruits and vegetables is on the rise, With GOAT you have access to affordable and healthier options near your area. From grapes to watermelon, from red peppers to artichokes, the options are endless.

Home-made meals

Are you tired of fast food or you crave a great homemade meal at an affordable price? Goat offers multiple categories to choose from: Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, International, Indian, Asian, Middle East, BBQ, Vegan, Soups, Snacks or Holidays’ meals. Sign up today to search for options near you.

Desserts and much more!

If you are looking for a dessert to complement your meal at an affordable price GOAT is what you need. You can find desserts, finger food or snacks with prices starting at $2+GST up to $10+GST near you.