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Please visit our GOAT Solution tab under Food Rescuer – for information on how to become a food champion with GOAT. Please check out the GOAT Food Guidelines document and watch our tutorial video for additional information on what kind of food you can post.

Please visit our GOAT Solution tab under Food Buyer – for information on how to become a Food Buyer with GOAT please check out the GOAT Buyer Guidelines document and watch our tutorial video for additional information on how to search for food in the APP.

Great question! YES and YES! For the best experience, please sign up for both.

There is no limit to how much food you can rescue.  You can post as many times as you want! Once you post food; the post will be active for 48 hours to guarantee freshness and a quick turn around time for pick-up.

Please follow these steps to see if the issues with the app are fixed: Close the app and re-open it. Check if you have the latest version of the app installed (search for the app in the store). If you don’t have the latest version, an “update” option will be displayed. Turn off and turn on the cell phone. Uninstall and reinstall the app (the best option is to uninstall the app, turn off the phone, turn it on, look for the app in the store and reinstall it).

This process will clean all the cache stored in the device and solve most of the problems. If you still experience problems, please contact us at customerservice@goatgeneration.com

The APP needs to be able to determine where you are so that we can let you know what food is available in your selected area.

In an effort to ensure the safety and convenience to both the Food Rescuers and Food Buyers, we believe that placing the food outside is the best way for households to facilitate the transfer of food. The Food Rescuer will leave the properly packaged food outside the main door 10 minutes prior to pick-up time, and the Buyer can conveniently stop by and pick-up the food.

The business will usually post unsold ‘end of day’ food or any other food items, and instruct Food Buyers how and when to pick up the meals at their establishment. It works very much like ‘take-out’ food. You walk in, show your APP purchase and receive the food. It will be up to the food establishment to specify a time for pick-up, or leave it available until closing time.

The buyer will pickup the food at the pre-arranged pick-up time.

GOAT does not guarantee that the posted food is free from any allergens. Even if the Food Rescuer has posted details indicating the absence of an allergen, GOAT cannot promise that food has not come in contact with allergens. For this reason, we do not recommend individuals with serious food-based allergies to use the APP.

No, currently there is no delivery service. GOAT connects food businesses and households with surplus food or food products  through the APP so that the posted food is picked up by the buyer at a pre-arranged and convenient time for both. In most cases, the Food Buyers choose locations close to their place of work or home to make it convenient.

Future opportunities for a delivery service are not out of the question. Stay tuned.

We are sorry something came up and you could not meet your scheduled pick-up time. If you miss the scheduled pick-up time, the household is instructed not to leave the food outside for safety reasons – unfortunately this also means that the food is no longer available, and the money will not be refunded.  GOAT may be able to help. Please contact our customer service and we will try to help you reschedule the pick-up time.

If your food posting was not picked up at the specified time, please give a little bit of a time buffer before bringing the food inside. If the Food Buyer does not show up, please do not leave the food outside and send us an email letting us know what happened.


You have two choices. If you specified a pick-up time and the buyer did not show up, you can repurpose the food, however before doing so we encourage you to give the buyer a time buffer. Or, you can specify that you will hold the food until closing. If the food is not picked up at that time, unfortunately the buyer loses out and you can either repurpose the food if it is still good, or sadly dispose of it.

Yes.  Maintaining food safety is one of GOAT’s main objectives.  For this reason, GOAT has worked closely with a team from AHS to create guidelines that are endorsed and supported by AHS.  Please go to the JOIN GOAT tab, click on HOW GOAT WORKS for a downloadable document GOAT Rescuer Food Guidelines. For additional information from AHS please visit links below:

Education Options:

Various Food Safety Information (Food Facilities):