About US

The simple truth is that we waste so much food, so why not repurpose the food in a meaningful way?

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that FOOD RESCUE is one solution to reducing FOOD WASTE. We believe that every person, business and household can reduce the amount of food wasted by either repurposing food by posting ‘end of day’ unsold food at a discounted price, or post food products for others to enjoy: all while supporting local charities.

We are entering times of social shifts. New generations are demanding and expecting more from policy makers and corporations, and they are right to demand those changes.

The world is shifting. It is not only about profit anymore… it is about social good… it is about being good stewards of our environments… it is about getting back to a meaningful community.

GOAT has elevated its game to become something MORE… we are a social enterprise creating accountability and bringing on change.

Join us and help disrupt the trend of food waste!

Our history

It all started when our GOAT founder was at home in his kitchen packaging food to share with a family member who had recently moved to Canada.

This simple act sparked a BIG idea! He stumbled on a huge opportunity to decrease food waste in communities across the nation by providing a way for people to post surplus food for others nearby.

With a global food waste crisis on the rise – contributing to 1.3 billion tons of wasted food and 3.3 billion metric tons of CO2 emitted into our environment annually, this idea of a Food Rescue Revolution has HUGE POSSIBILITIES for us all.

The simple truth is we all waste food – so why not repurpose the food in a meaningful way? And from this, GOAT was created – a means of connecting people to food: those with surplus food to those who will enjoy it.

With busy lifestyles, a diminished sense of community and sometimes unfortunate economic downfalls, GOAT aims to bring communities and people together to achieve something extraordinary… one REPURPOSED MEAL at a time.


Our mission

It’s simple –  A Social Enterprise that uses business for social good. GOAT’s goal is to meet 10 out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals set for corporations around the world.

Our goals

How we will achieve this?

  • We facilitate access to affordable, convenient and healthy food options for all
  • We reduce food waste and greenhouse gas emissions
  • We support local charities – You have the option of sharing a portion of all sales with local charities . If you have a business that is affiliated with a charity and you would like to support them, let’s talk. Otherwise you can chose a charity that GOAT has partnered with.
  • We promote healthier eating – for those who often sacrifice health for convenience
  • We are bringing communities together
  • GOAT follows a triple bottom line framework: Profit, People and Planet